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Onward Financial Networks is one of the preeminate Retirement Plan Providers in Wisconsin. Performing as a highly-tuned team, we take great pride in striving to provide the best employee/employer experience in Education and Plan Services in their entirety. 

Financial Planning on company time is a unique service in the the Qualified Plan Space that is one of the hallmarks to Onward Financial Networks Service Model. Group benefit packages, spouse benefit packages, previous work benefits. It can complicated pretty quickly. Putting it all together helps employees make better personal finance decisions and that can lead to a deeper understanding of your companies benefit package and thought process for employee wellness. We take a Wealth Management approach to your companies qualified plan. From proper fund line ups, to plan design and the education needed for high participation.

One of OFN’s tenants is that a strong Qualified Plan starts with employees first, Every Time. To have a strong employee, a strong financial
plan is needed. This plan puts all the parts together. 

The compliance pressure has never been greater…

Education & services matter. It’s a process, not an event. Comprehensive, monitored, reprinted, concluded…

Regardless of age, wage, or position, we want people to retire respectfully.

Service Plan

At the start of each relationship we set goals and objectives with each of our clients via a written service plan. We then track the timing and frequency of each service delivered.

Objective Plan and Provider Considerations

Through RPAG, our RFP approach helps ensure that apple-to-apple comparisons are used throughout the benchmarking process.

Meaningful benchmarking of a provider’s services requires equal emphasis on the cost and quality aspects of provider services

Fudiciary Approach

As an employer, you recognize the importance of providing a retirement plan to protect, support and retain your employees. However, you realize the complexities of offering a retirement plan including your fiduciary responsibilities. Where do you turn for help? Onward Financial can help solve your unique retirement plan needs and manage your risks. 

The first step is to get to know your business. We ask questions to gain a thorough understanding of who you are, what you do and what you want when it comes to your long-term success. Then we develop a comprehensive plan to address your retirement plan needs in the context of your overall needs. Discussing, prioritizing and addressing all your business needs will increase the likelihood of achieving your company’s goals. 

And, finally, we implement your plan. We search the marketplace and find the solutions that meet your needs.  

Under ERISA, Section 401(a) states that the fiduciary of the plan:

Must act with care, skill prudence and diligence at all times.

Must diversify plan investments to minimize the risk of large investment losses.

Can be held liable for investment losses by not acting on participants’ and beneficiaries’ behalf.

404(c) defines how a plan sponsor can find relief from this liability on investment decisions made by participants in participant-directed individual account plans such as profit sharing or 403(b) plans.

Employee Financial Wellness

We believe that everyone needs to have access to a high quality financial plan no matter what economic or social status an employee of a company has. The efficiencies created by both our technology and the commitment from the employer, make for a winning combination.

The work we do is to help an employee save money to fund a future income stream when they either choose to retire or forced into retirement due to health concern or family health concern. There is a lot of life to be lived before retirement and not everyone is ready to commit to a financial plan right away. We want to make sure all employees begin to trust the financial planning process.

Understanding what 1% of pay per pay period looks like is the common denominator of not only saving for retirement, but also financial planning. The commitments that one makes with their cash flow can come by design or by chance. Spending based on values verses impulse can make the difference for many.

Once we have identified the amount and a realistic deferral per pay period, we want discuss the process of getting to the target savings goal. Most people have the best intentions to increase their deferral, but in reality they do not. Only when prompted, does employee increase their deferral percentage, but that can lag months and years behind when they should have actually done so. We think this process should be voluntary not mandatory in a Qualified Plan. We again, have a proprietary process that helps employees understand what 1% increase to a deferral looks like from a dollar amount, when and how the future increases would happen by design. There are check-ins to help an employee expand their knowledge level and confirm the process to the savings level they need that is customized to them.

Are you a number or a person?

In the Qualified Plan space, the cost involved in employee education is high and customization puts this service out of reach for most Employers, if it is provided from an Investment Platform stand point. At Onward Financial Network, we have process and procedure that give us scale. We have over 60 years of total experience of dedicated work in employee education space, that allows us to serve more employees and track their progress, rather than offer seminar only environments where the material is generic at best and the assimilation to the material involves a great deal of effort on behalf of the employee. Unfortunately, employees may stop the process of discovery that could help them change their financial wellness.

Every employee has a control file that holds the information about the retirement profile and pertinent notes to their situation. Onward Financial Networks Value statement includes Attention to Detail for a reason. We want employees to engage, learn, and take action that
helps them accomplish their personal goals. By keeping this data for employee, we are able to pick up right where we left off.

Employees deserve the best possible service, we deliver it from a fiduciary driven process.
That starts with them.

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