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Driven by robust technology, systems and services, RPAG advisors have a unique ability to help create successful retirement plan outcomes for plan sponsors and participants alike. We believe our value-added services go above and beyond the ordinary service model.

Fiduciary Resources

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Value Added Services

We provide a wide array of resources designed to engage employees, deliver essential plan information and provide solutions that can lead to successful outcomes.

Plan Design

Investment Review Process

The methodology we implement for the fund selection and monitoring process encompasses both a Quantitative and Qualitative analysis.

Quantitative Analysis involves using key financial ratios, and can range from simple statistical data like return based style analysis, market capitalization, price to earning ratios (P/E), and (P/E) per share growth, compared to the funds peer group and appropriate style index. We also look for consistencies in performance, verses the peer group and appropriate style index.


Qualitative Analysis involves a more subjective approach based on unquantifiable information like management expertise, industry cycles, strength of research background, and fund management development. An example of qualitative analysis would be to buy Apple products because of Steve Jobs’ reputation.

In other words, mixing some art with science and applying it to each category, screening down to create our watch list, and ultimately creating our buy/sell list. We employ both methodologies because there is no one right way to approach fund evaluations. There should be subjective thought that reduces the “group speak” mentality and promotes debate — both positive and negative – regarding the attributes of similar funds.

5 Steps to Investment Platform Due Diligence

Here is a simple tool to help you measure the amount of “game playing” that is common when requesting a proposal for evaluation. It is important to follow these steps in order, and complete them one at a time. This will eliminate a potential vendor from obtaining access to the RFP process, for well-documented reasons. This procedure is an intricate part of the documentation process when decision making, and it is the one that is missed most often, at both the fiduciary and plan sponsor levels.

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