Objectivity/Competency/Attention to Detail

This thought permeates every aspect of our business. I believe that being a Wealth Management Advisor is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. The Fiduciary responsibility is at the front of our relationship, but it is more than just a responsibility, it’s our desire to serve you, as our client, and do this well. It is such a great desire that I believe one person alone cannot be truly effective.

I select talented Wealth Management Advisors who do not want to work in a solo capacity, but want to be part of a true team setting. We work in a team setting at every turn, from the deities of our Fund Selection and Monitoring Committee to our Financial Planning Committee and our Financial Product Recommendation Committee.


One of the unique advantages that we have in the market place, Onward Financial Network does not manufacture a proprietary product in the 401k space, Wealth Management space or Insurance product space. We do not have any contractual arrangements with carriers that prevent us from going to market. We objectively represent trust company platforms, insurance company platforms, mutual fund families, and open architecture arrangements. We look at our client, and we look at the best fits on an overall fiduciary employee and employer needs.


Our team has decades of experience years. We are nationally known as a professional firm specializing in the Qualified Plan space, but we surround ourselves with ERISA attorneys, third party administration firms, industry consultants, and wholesalers of all types. We have a highly-trained team to help handle the needs of the day to day operations of a qualified plan and the wealth management space. We consult to the changing economic, market, and regulatory environment. This is very important and it makes us very unique, as we have an understanding of how plans work deeper than other financial advisors or financial representatives. We also have invested a great deal of money into our own technology , which is custom to us in the tracking of qualified plans and wealth management clients.

Attention to Detail

The attention to detail applies, to all facets of our clientele. Corporations, employees and individual clients are equally important to us. From a standpoint of attention to detail pertaining to our corporations, we do things that our competitors fail to do. We plan our work a year in advance and thoroughly document, track and archive. If we can help, we will. We will monitor all tasks to Done\Done status. Whether we are involved directly or indirectly. Attention to detail for participants and individual clients has two parts. The first one is our primary job is to help people to plan to retirement, help them understand the complex nature of retirement planning and what financial wellness means through a persons lifetime. We work hard to break down the barriers of jargon and build streamlined, customized communication. We feel that in today’s day and age, this is a sorely missed component to high quality service.

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