We believe that it takes a team of highly skilled professionals working in concert to properly serve our clients, and provide the level of care that we would expect in a similar circumstance.

Since 1990, we have strived to help our clients make strong and confident decisions about their financial affairs. Long ago, we gravitated towards the Wealth Management Fee for Service model, thus incorporating consistency in our Corporate Qualified Plan and our Personal Financial Services Divisions. Because of our work in the Corporate Qualified Plan market, we were an early adopter of the fiduciary model — we were already responsible for following the process of decision making in an objective and controlled environment, free from outside influence and self-serving corporate environments.

Today, we strive to be one of the elite Financial Services Organizations in our Industry. We have invested heavily in both people and technology, enabling us to create a closer personal service relationship with you. We hold ourselves to the highest level of quality in every position, in every transaction and every interaction. We are paid a fee to manage your assets and to serve you in an open and transparent manner. We hold no bias to any fund, fund manager or institution. We do not receive enhanced compensation in any way. This gives us the freedom to be extremely objective.

We strive for excellence in the form of competency. We use both a Quantitative and Qualitative approach to our selection methodology, based on time-tested rationale including portfolio building, recognizing the value of the efficient frontier and adherence to risk.

Utilizing a keen attention to detail, we work hard to keep you informed about our thought process, enabling you to see your assets through our advisory eyes.

Among the Best in Class Technology

We believe that technology should not be the replacement for one-on-one, in-depth discussions about values and the role that money and investing play in decision making and goal setting. Technology builds discussions that lead to strong and confident decisions. At Onward Financial Network, we may look like a technology company, but our values are deeply rooted in understanding the people we serve and creating a proactive, high touch, trusting environment designed to deliver an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.


Business Services

Business Services

We know there can be many sleepless nights thinking about the future and wellbeing of your company. We also know the complexities of running a successful business that will span over many generations of ownership is a daunting task. Managing cash flow, retaining talented employees, maintaining competitive benefits that are valued by employees are all major issue, but where do you begin?
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Personal Services

Personal Services

In our practice, we subscribe to a team philosophy approach to financial planning and our clients financial wellness. We want to understand you and what you want. Help you find balance between lifestyle, saving, and finding the security you want. We review all financial plans and make commentary and recommendations as team. Our clients find this approach helps them know that we have looked at their situation from many perspectives, not one.
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